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Re: base2_2.tgz problems


I'm also trying, without success, to install Debian on my Umax C600
using the the base2_2.tgz tarball. (And as usual, I am in a maze of
twisty little passages, all of which look alike....  ;)
This is what I've learned so far:

[from Cyrille Lefranc:]
> You must boot in single user when init ask you
> for the runlevel (type S).

Ah, this was a revelation. I've now gotten this far.

> After, you must run some init scripts by hand in /etc/init.d/ to enable
> modules support and network.
> When network is ready, you can run dselect.

I've tried running 'modutils', 'network', and 'netbase start', but all
they do is complain. Are these the scripts that you were referring to??

[Hartmut Koptein added:]
>Right, the reason for this is that the base2.1 or base2.2 and also the
>splitted base1440* is only there to have the binaries. Setup is done by
>'dbootstrap'. After installation it removes also the unconfigured* from

Thank you, that explains a great deal about how installation works.
However, it appears that 'dbootstrap' does not exist in the base tarball;
am I correct in assuming that, at the moment at least, I will not be able to
run it to complete the install process?

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