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Re: new glibc, egcs, etc.

> strace

I think this is fixed since yesterday by wichert.

> ipfwadm
> bind

Yes, the damn sym-link bug.

> m4 (this could a little hard, but hey, they are only computer programs!)
> bash (that seems to be an ldd error on dpkg-shlibdeps, strange)
> gnome-core,
> gnome-objc,
> gnome-utils,
> gnome-media,
> libgtop (I already had that compiled, and believe it or not, it
> 			compiled right out of the box!)

Hmm, some packages compile very nice 'by-hand' but broken with the
build-daemon. I cannot guarantee that all compile-logs are up-to-date. 

> libggi (I would like to test this out, if that's ok with you)
> m2c (seems easy enough)
> mpich (I like it :)
> proftpd
> samba
> freeamp (I have build this, I also have done 1.2.0, but it doesn't matter
>          because audio output is distorted, known endianness problem)
> fftw
> pdl (I'm not sure about that)
> mesalib 3.0+ggi | these two will hopefully work after we have ggi ported ok.
> svgalib+ggi     |
> geomview (I have already fixed this, but it's useless since there is no glibc
> 	  version of libforms, I sent the author a mail but no reply yet).
> pvm  (I have compiled this ok, but it fails on install it makes only a static
>       lib, but tries to install a shared one.)

Thanks for your work!




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