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Re: how does the dbuild daemon handle source dependencies ?

> how does the autobuilder handle source dependencies ?
> does source dependencies exist, or are they handled by hand, i.e. you build
> everything, after that Hartmut or someone looks at the FAILED messages files,
> install some stuff, and then erase the FAILED messages as needed, so it will
> get built in the next run ?
> how does it handle packages like glib/gtk where glib needs to be installed
> before gtk can be built ?

We have a file with source-dependencies; some examples from it:

a2ps: tetex-bin
aalib: slang1-dev (>> 1.2.2-0), libgpmg1-dev (>= 1.14-3), libncurses4-dev
abacus: tcl8.0-dev, tk8.0-dev, flex, bison
abuse: !svgalib-dummyg1
ace-of-penguins: libgd1g-dev
amaya: lesstifg-dev
amcl: libgtk-dev (>= 1:1.0.5)

This is now generated by an tool from James Troup (andrea). The auto-builder
looks through this file for say 'abacus', see's that he needs tcl, tk, flex
and bison, calls apt-get to install this packages and builds it. Ready!

I get then an e-mail from the auto-builder (compile-log + changes file). If
this compile were successful i cat then the compile-log part from the e-mail,
pgp-ing the changes part and send this e-mail back to the auto-builder.

The other packages will fail for compile errors or bad dependencies. Packages
with bad dependencies will be rebuild after say 8 h or so. Packages with
compile errors: yeah ... only my part in in the past. 

If you have an account on tervola: call   list-building 
There are currently 285 packages. This are all 'bad' packages, but this not
true for 100%. The source-dependencies file is currently for archs with
libc5 support,  bash needs alt-gcc, alt-ncurses  which aren't available on 
powerpc. So bash will fail. 

This is not a big problem. A much bigger one is that the developers doesn't
fix her bugs!!! Ok, lets wait for official slink release! :-)



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