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gnome stuff ...

Hello, ...

i have been working with the gtk-imlib-gnome debian team to get gnome 1.0 on
ppc nextly.

the idea is to put all packages in a staging area, so it breaks nothing (imlib
and gnome have differents binary api, or whatever, but same sonames), and once
everything is recompiled and tested, we move it all at once to unstable.

so far i have compiled glib/gtk and imlib, but more will come, i just got all
sources packages today.

the apt-url is :

deb http://www.debian.org/~jules/gnome-stage-2 unstable main

for the i386 people, so adapt it to your apt ...


The imlib, and probably other coming packages, will break all packages compiled
with previous versions of imlib. so install it on your own risk.

the glib/gtk1.2 are ok, in fact they will go to unstable once the source comes
out of incoming ( i guess it will be built by the built daemon, since it worked
fine for me.)



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