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Re: gnome stuff ...

luther@maxime.u-strasbg.fr (Sven LUTHER) writes:

> so far i have compiled glib/gtk and imlib, but more will come, i just got
> all sources packages today.  ...  the glib/gtk1.2 are ok, in fact they will
> go to unstable once the source comes out of incoming ( i guess it will be
> built by the built daemon, since it worked fine for me.)

Is that gtk+ built with the egcs-bug workaround? (the test is to run the
'gtk/testgtk' program that is built along with the libraries, and choose the
'clist' option: it will crash without the workaround). There's a bug in egcs
in which functions with a large number of arguments (maybe 8 or 9?) compiled
with -fPIC -O2 will crash. Compiling such files -O1 is OK. The only files I've
ever seen trigger this bug are in gtk+. I reported the bug to the egcs folks
last year and it's in the testsuite (980523-1.c), but as of 2 weeks ago it had
not yet been fixed.

The workaround for gtk+ is to build with something like this:

 CFLAGS=-O2 ./configure
 cd gtk; make CFLAGS=-O1 gtkclist.lo gtkctree.lo; cd ..

This may be a problem for a while.. if egcs hasn't been fixed by now, I
suspect the bug must be pretty tough.

You can also build that testgtk after the fact to test for the problem:
 tar xzf gtk+-1.2.0.tar.gz
 cd gtk+-1.2.0/gtk
 gcc -o testgtk `gtk-config --cflags` testgtk.c `gtk-config --libs`
 [hit "clist"]



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