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Re: Install of DebianPPC on a PowerMac

On Mon, Mar 01, 1999 at 03:21:13PM -0500, Kyle R. Green wrote:
> Hi.  I'm extremely intrigued by DebianPPC, as it's built from Debian

 That's because it _is_ extremely intriguing!

> I'm curious to see if anybody has successfuly installed DebianPPC on a
> PowerMac, what hardware was involved, how it was done, and the
> availability of packages for it.

 Yes. "A number" of people have installed it on powermacs. 

 If you want to install it, it will help to have a powermac with two drives 
and linuxPPC already installed on one of the drives.  

 Format and partition a drive, 

 untar the  base tarball (see mailist archive for it's net location) into place, 
 delete the file; '/sbin/unconfigured.sh', 
 create an appropriate '/etc/fstab' file, 
 configure: /etc/init.d/network
   edit     /etc/passwd (at least touch it, probably add a user besides root)

  After this, bootX make it easy to boot with a new kernel. Try 

 It _really_ helped me to have another debian system (x86) to unpack .debs
so that I could get various libraries, or whatever dselect, or apt was 
complaining about.

 Another thing that helped was to go very slowly at first, installing one 
package at a time again, clearing up any problems as they arose. 

 I believe the Debian maintainers are working hard to get an installation system
 working. You might want to save some time by waiting for a more conventional 
 installation, but then, maybe not.

Craig Sadler
> Thank you very much in advance.
> Kyle R. Green
> greek@greek.blm.net
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