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Re: Install of DebianPPC on a PowerMac


On Mon, 01 Mar 1999, Kyle R. Green wrote:

>I'm curious to see if anybody has successfuly installed DebianPPC on a
>PowerMac, what hardware was involved, how it was done, and the
>availability of packages for it.

Yes, it is not that hard to install right from the start, and it is even
easier if you had previously installed LinuxPPC. 
Any PowerMac or clone that is supported by LinuxPPC is supported by Debian/ppc
too. The use the same kernel. Basically, if you have a powermac that has
OpenFirmware and PCI 2.1 it has pretty good chances to be supported.

As for the packages, I don't know how many there are exactly, but they are
~1500 and some that remain to be fixed. But from what I see, progress is good
(thanks to the guys that do the hard work!) and there are of course the new
packages every week (generic to debian, but most should build on ppc too.)

As for the installation process, if you have a powermac, there is a base
filesystem (although I don't really remember its exact URL, I'm sure someone
else does) and using BootX (to be found in http://calvaweb.calvacom.fr/bh40/)
you could start and setup the partitions etc. From then on, it would help to
have a good connection to the internet, as you must download all packages (no
CD yet) and install. There are plenty of ways to install the packages, either
by using a menu driven system (dselect), downloading the packages separately
and installing them with dpkg, or a new system called apt which is
supposed to be very easy and powerful -although I admin I haven't used it yet.

Konstantinos Margaritis

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