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> I am going through the same situation with my PowerBook.  At the moment, 
> I am running LinuxPPC 4.1.  I just installed the pcmcia-3.0.8.src.rpm 
> from ftp.linuxppc.org (don't remember the exact dirctory it was in :( ).  
> I unpacked it using rpm -U pcmcia...
> The pcmcia module is loading, and when I dig around in /proc I can see 
> serial or modem in one of the slots.  I still haven't started talking to 
> it yet, though, as I can't seem to find the /dev its using.  /dev/ttyS0 
> is still going to the built in ethernet/modem.  Let me know if you have 
> more success.

:-)  This is the second e-mail refering to rpm's :-) 

Uses linuxppc 4.1  already glibc-2.1 ?  And you mean debian hasn't this source?
The source is not the problem, he asked about the deb package! 

I'm not debian centric!  But i love debian!   :-)



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