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Re: Gtk1.2 colo_selection widget crashes X on planar amifb fbdev X server

   From: Andreas Schwab <schwab@issan.informatik.uni-dortmund.de>
   Date: 12 Mar 1999 10:14:21 +0100

   A program which cannot cope with that is broken by definition.

Emacs's internal lisp data types depend upon the layout of the upper
bits of an address, and what that looks like.  It uses bits which can
never be set as a place to store typing information codes.  If you
look in GNU emacs, it does do special things when the glibc malloc is
being used to prevent it from using mmaps for example.

This restriction has been around for ages and we've been coping with
it by making emacs see something consistant there.

Or is there some other issue?

David S. Miller

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