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Very slow mail delivery


sorry, but again I have a strange problem.
Mail delivery on my system is done via Exim2.05-2. I get my emails from a POP server
with Fetchmail4.7.3-1 and read them with Mutt0.95.1-1.
Yesterday I observed the following:
I fetched 15 mails with fetchmail. Immediately after the download I launched mutt to read
them. Mutt listed only 10 mails. Closing mutt and opening it again didn't bring up the
missing 5 messages. I thought the messages were lost. But today, I booted into Linux
lauched fetchmail (got no messages) and then mutt. Big surprise: the missing five
messages from yesterday appeared.

I observed this behaviour for several times now. But it took never longer than say
an hour to get all emails.

Do I have an missconfigured mail system or is there a bug somewhere ?


PS: I tried to reproduce the error. You know Murphy? Of course, I got
    all messages without any problems.

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