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Re: libc6 Dependency problems

> In attempting to install on my PowerMac 6500, I've noticed that a lot of 
> packages depend on libc6 >= 2.1 but the only available version is 2.0.x. 
> In fact a quick scan of the unstable tree shows 2.1.x only available for 
> the i386 arch.
> The question is: How can I get apt-get to ignore the dependencies and 
> install anyway? Alternatively, can someone determine if the >= 2.1 
> dependency is valid and change? or update libc6?

Get it for the moment from 

   http://powerpc.debian.org/~koptein   (glibc*, xfree*)

If all goes very well, we have in the next days glibc-2.1 and egcs on all
mirrors for powerpc. And some days, weeks later we have also xfree available.



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