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swap, /dev/sda8 and other such stuff ...

Hello, ...

after running apt-get update on yesterdays archive, /dev/sda8 was erased, so i
did a ./MAKEDEV sda to recreate them.

after that, i had problems with swapoff at shutdown time, complaining about
/dev/sda3 (my swap partition) being in mode 660 but should be 600, and that
/dev/sda3 was invalid or something like that, same message from chmod 6000
/dev/sda3, didn't work :(.
but then i didn't havce time to search (forgot were it was) and download
glibc2.1 debs yesterday, so lots of packages were held back by apt-get, so
maybe this is the problem. Will install glbc2.1 this evening, and report back
on it tomorrow.

potato is getting more and more broken as time pass and packages are compiled
with glibc2.1, while glibc2.1 is not officially available in potato. What is
holding you back Hartmut ? i guess you are waiting for the FSF to release
glibc2.1 after solving the egcs/gcc political stuff ? will they modify glibc,
or just wait for a fix in gcc to compile it ?

Apart from that, has anyone managed to compile gnome stuff on dbeian/ppc ? does
the dbuild daemon build it succesfully ? last i tried it built with errors, but
then the gnome panel crashed on me. Is this a good package/group of packages i
could work on ? After glib/gtk1.2 gets packaged naturally ...

Will glib/gtk1.2 get build automatically ?



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