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Re: new glibc, egcs, etc.


> What packages do you suggest I try dealing with?

i put my compile-mail-base on tervola in public_html/BAD/buildd-mail.gz.
Please download it and look for packages you will work on. Ignore all
with md5sum or dependencies errors. You can read buildd-mail directly
or with mutt -f  or elm -f. 

The location is http://powerpc.debian.org/~koptein/BAD

Please inform we on which package you will work or any other person on this

Look also for packages with warnings like this "... due to the limited size of char" 
This are very bad candidates! It suggest that char is unsigned (+ only); this 
packages needs an -fsigned-char to work correctly. 

Can someone work on 'dhelp'? And someone has made packages from non-free / contrib
for powerpc. Where are this packages; can s/o upload these packages??

I also put chrp, pmac and prep installer on powerpc.debian.org (in booting). 
This are only tar.gz archives with kernel and modules. But it should be possible
to start it with the ramdisk (root.bin) -- and after this installing the base* file(s).
For pmac it is a hfs-image file. This all is very basicly, be warned. A new upload
of newer boot-floppies will hopefully be very soon after cebit available. 



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