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Re: [apertus°-Team] GSOC PROJECT 2018 - FORUM [GSOC 2018] Discussion regarding selected project idea [GSOC-2018] Project Idea discussion - Extracting data from PDF invoices [GSoC18]Android SDK in debian [GSOC][Easy-GnuPG] Willing to help out as co-mentor [GSOC][WizardForStudentsAndNewInterns] Helping out as a co-mentor About GSoC Proposal adding a co-mentor Android SDK Tools in Debian: Call for small contributions Re: Applications feedback Re: Applications feedback (was: GSoC 2018: Wizard/GUI helping students get started) Click to Dial Pop up window project Co-mentor for Debian GSOC 2018 Re: Confirming mentor status for GSoC and/or Outreachy DebConf bursary deadline for GSoC/Outreachy? email to debian-devel-announce? feedback on Boot many machines via bittorrent (was Re: About GSoC Proposal) feedback on calendar database of social event and conferences proposal Feedback regarding GSOC proposal Finding a Co-mentor for Debian GSOC 2018 Fwd: GSoC GSoC 2018 GSoC 2018 ClickToDialPopupWindowForLinuxDesktop project Re: GSoC 2018 Port Kali to Debian GSoC 2018 Proposal review GSoC 2018 QA Re: GSoC 2018: Extracting data from PDF invoices Re: GSoC 2018: Kanban Board for Debian Bug Tracker Re: GSoC 2018: Wizard/GUI helping students get started GSoC applications download GSoC deadline reminder GSoC final submission GSoC Project Help GSoC project proposal review from mentors through mailing list GSoc proposal GSoC Proposal Draft Feedback GSoC proposal on wiki page? GSoC proposal reviews I'm receiving submissions for GSoC Making decisions for GSoC and Outreachy managing mentors email lists mentor:student ratios, team mentoring, etc mentors meeting, private communication channel and topics mentors table Re: new mentors invited to join call with one of our current interns Not using a proper Subject is part of judgement on a GSoC candidate Not using proper email subject on mailing list Outreach "team" definition Project for GSoC 2018 Proposal on wiki Proposals without a confirmed mentor Question regarding application task solution submission. Request for Review Of Proposal Re: response to student applications Fwd: Review Outreachy applicants and application deadlines Review proposal for "Boot many machines via BitTorrent" Review proposal for "Wizard/GUI helping students get started" Re: student wiki pages, tagging the pages Re: Suggestion on social event and conference calendars project Re: threading applications on debian-outreach list (was: Regarding Google Summer of Code 2018) tips for writing your proposal Re: tips for writing your proposal - more details (tools) Tools for communication, coordination and project management Unclear about GSoC proposal draft Re: Re: updating the project ideas list Word limit of proposal for GSOC-18 The last update was on 17:43 GMT Sat Jun 08. There are 191 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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