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Re: Tools for communication, coordination and project management


El 08/03/18 a las 11:48, Dashamir Hoxha escribió:
> On Thu, Mar 8, 2018 at 7:31 AM, Alexander Wirt <formorer@formorer.de
> <mailto:formorer@formorer.de>> wrote:
>     On Thu, 08 Mar 2018, Jaminy Prabaharan wrote:
>     > What would you suggest then?
>     I don't care that much about the exact solution.
> This does not seem like a constructive attitude.
>     But I do care about Debian promoting a non-free service.
> What does it even mean "a non-free service"? 

A canonical definition may be difficult, but I think that we can agree
that at least, all the services for which their "core" software (core in
the sense of the service that they provide, different than other similar
services) is non-free, can be called "non-free services".

Interested people can have a look at
for some ideas about free/nonfree services.

>     IMHO the storm.debian.net <http://storm.debian.net/> kanban can be
>     enough, the kanban thing debconf uses too.
> This might be another optional solution, if they decide to support us,
> and if it has all the needed features, and if it works well.

About storm.debian.net, I can give some details since I am one of the

Service description: https://wiki.debian.org/Services/storm.debian.net

The software (sandstorm, Apache2 licensed, details in sandstorm.io) is
run in a machine by a Debian Developer, and kindly offered to the whole
Debian community, for any contributor that wants to use it.

Being myself user and admin, I can create and manage user accounts, send
invitations for people to join, explain how it works and assist in
questions/issues, etc. Ping me by mail off list or in #debian-outreach
if you need anything.

Does it work well? I would say yes! I see it used every day by several
different persons. I use it myself too!. I recall storm.debian.net being
used in the past for at least one GSoC project in Debian (the mentor
asked for an account for the student). Of course you can also find
people not satisfied with it (too much JavaScript! Long URLs! Slow!
Don't like the colors! Allows to sign in using GitHub/Google accounts!).

In summary, I would leave the decision about which tools to use to the
particular mentor+applicant pair. If anybody decides to try/use storm,
ping me for anything, I'm happy to help.

Best regards
Laura Arjona Reina

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