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Fwd: GSoC 2018

Hi there
This is manoranjan kumar bharti,smvdu,jammu India.
I am trying to install debian on virtual box.but I have been getting @bad archive mirror error since two says I googled this problem but I won't get anything helpful.
Anyone there can help me to get rid of this so that I can work further.
Thank you
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From: "Kartik Kulkarni" <kartik.koolks@gmail.com>
Date: 3 Mar 2018 3:09 am
Subject: GSoC 2018
To: <daniel@pocock.pro>, <debian-outreach@lists.debian.org>

Hello there,
I was waiting for the reply from debian-outreach@lists.debian.org and thought that I should try out automating the tasks and also find out a bit more information about what all is to be done and thus have tried out this project auto-ssh.
I wanted to know feedback regarding the project, even though it's hardly a decent app and needs a lot of exception handling I wanted to know if integrating all the tasks together like this app into a docker container and then either sharing a new iso from deb (custom) with startup app like this one or sharing the docker file to the candidates would make it easier.
I also wanted to know if using credit card details for the purchase of domain name, email server or other things within a native app would be dangerous? Can we just give the links via the app and ask them to purchase it on their own and then provide the details? 
I also wanted to know if having an android app keeping track of how many tasks have been completed would be helpful?

Thanks for your time.

Kartik Kulkarni

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