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Re: GSoC 2018: Wizard/GUI helping students get started

Hi all,

I'm sending this email to the list and BCC to all those who applied
personally or on the list so you all receive the same information.  If
you are not already subscribed to the list I recommend you subscribe:

The other co-mentors and I are having a discussion about our selection

Before we propose any more tasks or tests for you to do, I'd like to
suggest that you make sure you are registered in the Google portal:


and begin a draft proposal with answers to the questions you can
complete quickly.

If you already made any public code contributions in the last 12 months
using the skills for this project (Python and PyQt) now is a good time
to put together a list of those links.

To write your draft, please see my earlier email and the Debian template:


In the past, we also asked students to create a wiki page:



but now Google has their registration system where you have to submit
your proposal and the Debian mentors will have a meeting shortly where
we will decide if we still want wiki pages.  You can still create a
basic personal page on the wiki such as this:


One of the most difficult tasks for us mentors is that we have to choose
only one applicant and decline many other very good applicants.
Therefore, at the same time as making an application to this project, I
would also encourage you to make applications to 2 other organizations
in GSoC.

Thank you for your interest in this topic.



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