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Re: GSoC 2018: Extracting data from PDF invoices


Full-name: Guilherme Lourenço de Barros Peixoto


First-name: Guilherme


IRC-Nick: guilherme


Main-programming-language: Python


# comma separated:

Other-programming-languages: C, C++



# create salsa account here: https://signup.salsa.debian.org/

Salsa-username: guilherme-guest



# create Wiki account here: https://wiki.debian.org/FrontPage?action="">

Wiki-username: Account creation failed :S


Blog: Don’t have


Github-profile: guilherme- https://github.com/guilherme-p



# Provide full name and email address.  You may repeat this line multiple times

# if you have more than one person willing to be a co-mentor.

Potential-co-mentor: Pedro Adão (unconfirmed)


Graduation-date: 2020-06


University: Instituto Superior Técnico – Universidade de Lisboa


City: Lisbon


Country: Portugal



# type GSoC, Outreachy or Both if you are eligible:


Program: GSoC



# any other organizations or internships you are applying for



Internships: Twitter U, Two Sigma, Google STEP, plus more to be determined

Organizations (GSoC): coala, TBD



# any other details


Past software internships at WeDo Technologies and Santander Totta.

Incredibly devoted and passionate about GSoC

Olympiad Experience

Top 5 out of ~300 students in university course.

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