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Re: mentor:student ratios, team mentoring, etc

On 17/03/2018 00:11, Daniel Powell wrote:
> I wrote a blog post with some input about how to structure mentorship
> teams from my experience as a service manager in automotive repair (of
> all things). I put it into a blog post here:
> https://www.2kreate.com/index.html#Post-Mentorship

Hi Daniel,

I finally found the time to read you blog post [0].  I appreciate your
point of view.  Quoting from your blog post:

> I would, however, avoid assigning a mentor as a lead for a student
> in this format. It makes the barrier for reaching out to the other
> two mentors too high (especially for those who are relatively new to
> a team dynamic).

Why do you thing that having a lead mentor would inhibit students from
reaching out to the other mentors?  I don't think that student-mentors
communication should be mediated by the leas mentor.

I think that having someone responsible for the project, in the
"bookkeeping" sense, could be an advantage.  However, I'm mostly
familiar with the mentoring/supervising in academic context, and not at
all with the GSoC format, thus it may be the case that most things
should happen by initiative of the students and mentors are not supposed
to be actively checking over the progress of the project.


[0] You have a typo in the post: s/ass/as/

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