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Re: response to student applications

On 21/02/18 00:26, Daniel Pocock wrote:

> Please also note that we are still having discussions about the
> structure of the GSoC admin team in Debian and so it may be a few more
> days before we prioritize our list of projects.  It is possible that
> some of the projects without more than one mentor may be de-prioritized
> or removed from the list.

Latest update on this:

- I've been working through the emails from students personally but
haven't replied to everybody yet

- after reflecting upon the applications from different students and
feedback from the community, my personal focus will be the project
"Wizard/GUI helping students/interns apply and get started"

- as the official application period is about to open, I've removed my
name from some of the projects where there wasn't sufficient interest
from other mentors and I've moved those projects under the heading
"Projects ideas without confirmed mentors".  They may be revived if
other mentors step forward.

- for some of the other projects I listed, there are ongoing discussions
with potential mentors.  I removed my name but didn't move them to the
"Projects ideas without confirmed mentors" just yet.

- Google's FAQ makes various statements encouraging students to make
their own proposals[1] and also suggesting that organizations can act as
an umbrella[2] for a wide range of projects.  I don't want to deter
students from applying on this basis but I would also like to caution
students that Debian is still actively discussing our attitude to
applications in both categories and as part of our commitment to
transparency, we are happy to have that discussion on this list.  This
is one reason I haven't pushed students to complete any significant
application tasks but even if you are not selected, I will personally
try to give feedback to every one of you.




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