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managing mentors email lists

Hi all,

There have been various attempts to contact mentors and other team
members recently and it is clear we are sometimes missing people with
each attempt.

We have the following:

- the members list in the Google portal (which can be exported as CSV),
sometimes these are not the preferred email addresses though, some are
gmail.com addresses that people only created to log in to Google

- the invited members in the Google portal (people who didn't accept the
invite yet)

- the people registered in the Outreachy portal (I'm not familiar with
how it works, is it similar to the Google portal?)

- the people listed on the mentors wiki:

- the email addresses people put on the projects list (not every mentor
puts an email address there)

- the admins and other people who offered to help (Laura is listed in
the table, Olly has been around too but as he is not mentoring he is not
in the other lists)

- anything else I missed?

So, the question: what is the preferred way to keep an updated list for
communication between mentors and from admins to mentors, ensuring we
reach people on their preferred email addresses?

Should we set up a new private list on lists.debian.org or does anybody
propose another solution?



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