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Re: tips for writing your proposal

Sir, I am writing proposal for "Wizard/GUI helping students/interns apply and get started" and i have a doubt. What do you mean by "searching for free software groups in their local area and installing useful development tools on their computer." ? Sir Can you please clear this point , it will really help me in writing good proposal.

On Wed, Mar 14, 2018 at 12:42 AM, Daniel Pocock <daniel@pocock.pro> wrote:

Some general ideas for things to put in the proposal.

Personally, I prefer to see 1 or 2 pages + extra pages for diagrams.
Other mentors may want other things in the plan.

Not all of these things impact the assessment, some of them simply help
me understand how you want to work.

- your availability (specify any weeks for vacations, etc)

- links (your page on wiki.debian.org, contributors.debian.org and any
external links like your blog, Github, ...)

- tools you want to use:
  - communication (names of IRC channels, email lists, other tools?)
  - project management (will you use Kanboard or something else?)
  - your IDE, e.g. Eclipse
  - your desktop environment / Linux of choice

- your aim - what it will look like when finished (1 paragraph)

- week by week plan, example:

    early May / bonding period:
      - upgrade to Debian stretch
    Week 1:
      - create main window
    Week 2:
      - create module Foo
      - create unit tests for Foo


    Week 13:
      - present my project at DebConf17 in Taiwan
          (depends on travel funding)

- architecture diagrams, flowcharts and mock-up of GUI if relevant
   - even hand-drawn diagrams are acceptable

- between 3 and 10 links to recent contributions
   - bug fixes, pull requests, commits in your own Git repository, blog
posts, anything you did between January and March 2018

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