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Re: GSoC 2018: Wizard/GUI helping students get started

Hey Daniel,
Since you've decided to mentor this project, could you elaborate on the idea, tasks and key points to be taken into account before writing a proposal ?

Vishal Gupta

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On Tue, Mar 6, 2018 at 7:55 AM, <sklei4.dev@gmail.com> wrote:
Full-name: Samuel Klein

First-name: Samuel

IRC-Nick: sklei4 @ OFTC

Main-programming-language: Python

# comma separated:
Other-programming-languages: Java, _javascript_, Regular expressions,
Perl, Bash, SQL, HTML/CSS, Powershell

# create salsa account here: https://signup.salsa.debian.org/
Salsa-username: sklei4-guest

# create Wiki account here: https://wiki.debian.org/FrontPage?action="">
Wiki-username: KleinSamuel


Github-profile: https://github.com/sklei4

# Provide full name and email address.  You may repeat this line
multiple times
# if you have more than one person willing to be a co-mentor.

Graduation-date: 2023-05-01

University: University of Illinois

City: Springfield

Country: Sangamon

# type GSoC, Outreachy or Both if you are eligible:

Program: GSoC

# any other organizations or internships you are applying for


# any other details

Other: The Debian community has inspired me to study computer science.
I want to be part of Debian, even if I am not granted the internship.
Thank you.

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