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Re: tips for writing your proposal

On 13/03/18 20:12, Daniel Pocock wrote:
> Some general ideas for things to put in the proposal.
> Personally, I prefer to see 1 or 2 pages + extra pages for diagrams.
> Other mentors may want other things in the plan.
> Not all of these things impact the assessment, some of them simply help
> me understand how you want to work.

Another tip I would like to add for people finishing their proposal,
please consider including answers to the following:

- where will you work?
  - home?
  - on campus?
  - coffee shop?
  - your local hackerspace?
  - a local company who will give you a desk,
     maybe it is somewhere you work part time?

- will other students potentially work in the same location?

Please think about at least two of those options: sometimes people find
their first option doesn't work.  For example, they try to work from
home but they encounter distractions or pressure from other people.  If
you have an alternative plan now you will have less problems during the

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