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Re: Applications feedback (was: GSoC 2018: Wizard/GUI helping students get started)

On 3/20/18 11:08 AM, Daniel Pocock wrote:
> Latest update on this topic: I'm looking at the proposals in the GSoC
> portal tomorrow or Thursday and will provide feedback to all of you in
> an email to the list by Friday morning.
> You can continue updating your proposal right up to the deadline.
> Remember to make sure it is in a "Draft" state until I give you feedback
> but you have to put it in the "Final" state before the deadline on 27
> March or it is automatically rejected.

About applications feedback: should mentors organize so that all
applications get some feedback from mentors before the submission deadline?

I've been interacting with Jacob on his GPG Clean Room proposal for
which I'm a mentor (I don't know of any other student applying for the
same project).  I can try to set aside some time to look at other
proposals and at least (if I'm not familiar with the projects) provide
some general guidance.


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