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Re: Making decisions for GSoC and Outreachy

On 10/03/18 18:15, Molly de Blanc wrote:
> As we come up on decision time (well, it's a few weeks away), I'm
> looking for two to three other people to help make final decisions on
> who we'll be accepting for the two programs. It would be better if these
> people were not mentors who are enthusiastically recommending their
> mentees. However, it's fine if you signed up to be a mentor and aren't
> enthusiastically recommending any of the people who applied to your project.

> After applications close, mentors will be asked to recommend potential
> participants. Then, a group of us will look over these recommendations
> and decide who to accept to GSoC and Outreachy, and who to recommend to
> Outreachy, pending the availability of additional funding.

Molly, before jumping into choosing more people and processes, could it
be useful to clarify the admin status, deciding whether anybody is
jointly both GSoC and Outreachy admin, whether they will be run
separately like before and whether more admins are still needed?

Alex commented[1] in the public thread that he prefers GSoC only and I
would take the same view and mentor a maximum of 1 project but maybe
none.  It would be helpful if you and Jaminy could also confirm.



1. https://lists.debian.org/debian-outreach/2018/02/msg00041.html

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