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Re: Tools for communication, coordination and project management

On 3/19/18 3:38 PM, Daniel Pocock wrote:
> On 19/03/18 22:33, Alexander Wirt wrote:
>> That doesn't change anything about that thing not being "Debian". 
> I'm completely in agreement with you
> On the other hand, I've given several talks recently where I've reminded
> people they are free to create "Daniel Pocock" profiles on Facebook and
> Twitter.  We can't control what people do on other platforms, we can
> only try to celebrate what is great about our own.

I'm not suggesting that this applies to the case at hand, however I
don't think this is completely true:


In particular:
    1. You cannot use Debian trademarks in any way that suggests an
  affiliation with or endorsement by the Debian project or community,
  if the same is not true.
  2. You cannot use Debian trademarks in a company or organization name or
  as the name of a product or service.


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