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Re: GSoC 2018: Wizard/GUI helping students get started

Full-name: Samuel Klein

First-name: Samuel

IRC-Nick: sklei4 @ OFTC

Main-programming-language: Python

# comma separated:
Other-programming-languages: Java, Javascript, Regular expressions,
Perl, Bash, SQL, HTML/CSS, Powershell

# create salsa account here: https://signup.salsa.debian.org/
Salsa-username: sklei4-guest

# create Wiki account here: https://wiki.debian.org/FrontPage?action=ne
Wiki-username: KleinSamuel

Blog: sklei4.github.io/blog

Github-profile: https://github.com/sklei4

# Provide full name and email address.  You may repeat this line
multiple times
# if you have more than one person willing to be a co-mentor.

Graduation-date: 2023-05-01

University: University of Illinois

City: Springfield

Country: Sangamon

# type GSoC, Outreachy or Both if you are eligible:

Program: GSoC

# any other organizations or internships you are applying for


# any other details

Other: The Debian community has inspired me to study computer science.
I want to be part of Debian, even if I am not granted the internship.
Thank you.

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