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Re: tips for writing your proposal - more details (tools)

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for this mail.
I have even started looking at storm.d.n for GSoC. I find many tools there which could be useful.

On Mon, Mar 19, 2018 at 1:56 PM, Daniel Pocock <daniel@pocock.pro> wrote:

On 13/03/18 20:12, Daniel Pocock wrote:

> - tools you want to use:
>   - communication (names of IRC channels, email lists, other tools?)
>   - project management (will you use Kanboard or something else?)
>   - your IDE, e.g. Eclipse
>   - your desktop environment / Linux of choice

I've started looking at student proposals, I'll send some individual
replies but also some general tips for everybody.

Please remember that in Debian, we are keen to avoid proprietary
services that hide their source code when there is a free alternative

Here are some example:

Instead of Hangouts, some mentors prefer to use Jitsi Meet or rtc.debian.org

Instead of Github, some projects use salsa.debian.org

Instead of Slack, Debian uses IRC

Instead of Trello, some people use Kanboard

Why not visit https://meet.jit.si and try to make a call with a friend,
another student or even one of the mentors?  The Jisti Meet software is
all free software.

If your project proposal includes any specific tools, why not ask about
them on IRC?

I started a page about this here:


and mentors and students are welcome to contribute.

If you want to use Kanaboard, which instance will you use and how will
you get an account to log in?  Please share your ideas about it.


Pranav Jain

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