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mentor:student ratios, team mentoring, etc

Hi all,

We have previously had an aim to have 2 mentors : 1 student

It was already mentioned in one email that some of the previous Android
projects had a 3 mentor : 3 student structure.

How do people feel about team structures in general?

This year in particular, I notice the following languages are mentioned
in multiple projects:

12   Python
6    Ruby
4    Java

and this also suggests that some pooling of mentoring effort could be
possible for anybody who wants to formally or informally organize
themselves that way.

How do other mentors and admins feel about this?  What should be the
safe minimum?  E.g. is 2:2, 3:4 or 4:4 considered reasonable?

When there are team arrangements, does each mentor act as a "lead"
mentor for a different student or is it truly mixed?



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