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Re: [apertus°-Team] GSOC PROJECT 2018 - FORUM

On Sat, Mar 10, 2018 at 11:26:11AM +0530, Ashfaq nisar wrote:
> Hi, This is Ashfaq from Hyderabad (India).

Hello Ashfaq,

> I have seen that you do not have a *Forum*. And I would like
> you to provide with a forum as a part of Google Summer of Code
> project, This forum will enhance the interaction between your
> contributors and your staff.

Thanks, but our interactions are already quite good thanks
to IRC.

> I am very good in developing Android applications and websites, 

> these are one of the websites that I have developed
> "http://vjiticici.org"; 

Quite nice, only 19 errors and 13 warnings to fix and it
would actually be proper HTML.

> and if you are interested then I can also provide you with
> either an Andriod app or a website. I would be pleased to get
> a positive response from your side. And you will be surely
> satisfied with my work if I am given a chance.

Well, I'm not sure that sending bulk e-Mails will help
with that goal, but you'll find out soon I guess.


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