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mentors meeting, private communication channel and topics

Hi all,

For the benefit of any (potential) mentors who didn't get a private
email already, there is potentially going to be a mentors meeting on a
private IRC channel in the near future.  Please contact Molly ASAP.

For those new mentors who don't know about it, there is a private IRC
channel for mentor communication and admins or other mentors may be able
to help you gain access.

This brings up a couple of questions:

- with many potential mentors, which decisions need a meeting and which
could start with discussion on email so people don't miss out?  It may
be hard to find a time that 100% of mentors can join

- which decisions, apart from student selection, need to be in a private
channel?  Could we start meetings in public and then continue in private
or vice versa?

Personally, I'm happy to see input from students on several topics.
Some students applying in this round are also Debian Developers or
package maintainers and would normally have access to any other
communication in Debian as transparency is a default for us.  Several
current mentors and even the DPL are former students.



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