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GSoC 2018

Hello there,
I was quite intrigued by the project recommended by you as I like automating tasks a lot, I find it incredibly helpful for those to be open-source developers who have little to no experience about how to set up the components. In fact, I feel that it could also be useful for many other purposes if properly optimised.
I would love to contribute to this project and would like to know more regarding the process, I have 2 years of experience working with python(self) and have used PyQt a few times as well, I have made project using selenium webdriver which I find extremely useful for browser related automated tasks such as fetching data, typing forms etc.
I am currently a sophomore in Computer and Information Science Engineering at Bangalore, India.
I would like to contribute to this project but haven't had a chance to find anyone else interested in this project, and would like to request you if anyone else wants to contribute to it too.
I have never applied for GSoC and this is my first time reaching out to a mentor, but have read many articles about it including the one from your blog at Daniel Pocock.
I have packaged few debian packages and have maintained it for some time, and have found that there are a few hiccups regarding the setting up of the sid container and was wondering if we could also use the automated tool for these kinds of setups as well as it's a little cumbersome to setup all the required packages.

Kartik Kulkarni

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