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Re: 2500 Linux workstation ! Adaptec IDE Raid AAA-UDMA 66 AMD Duron CPU & Debian Another question Apache mod_rewrite apache & ssl & certificates, Apache vhosts dinamically alias apache wml/wap support browsable Debian source cp [was: Re: ** Emegancy Request **] cron perl script won't sendmail Re: Debian and LDAP Debian mapping 64MB when 512MB is installed? FW: Dell PowerEdge 2450 RAID dfme network driver Disallowing SITE CHMOD in ProFTPD Dual port serial card required ** Emegancy Request ** followup: inittab weirdness? how to restrict user logons how to setup battlenet services Hubless network? IDE RAID Inherited ISP host configuration nightmare inittab weirdness? Re:inittab weirdness? <Clarified> ip addresses IP addresses lvm mail error mailman error Mail problems Re: masquerade question MicroAnnex XL w/ Linux ? mkswap error More than 65K users.. motherboard recommendations mysql??? MySQL vs. Postgres named error (no subject) OF! Why not KDE in Debian Packages potato and Smart Array 221 in Compaq DL380 ppp configuration PROBLEM PPP dial on demand Proftpd 226 message Puzzled Qmail Environment question radisu help RADIUS support for caller ID and call-back Redirection of HTTP request reiserfs & databases. Routing RE: routing Sendmail 8.9.1a zombies & queueing sort of a load balancing question Squid strange compiling Unidentified subject! very long passwd RE: very long passwd (in spanish) Virtual Addresses on new server Fwd: Re: Virtual Addresses on new server Fixed VRRP [RFC 2338] Web crawler engine. What is a good HUB / SWITCH?? what is sufficient free memory? XDM??? The last update was on 14:40 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 227 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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