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Re: MySQL vs. Postgres


Sorry, not that familiar with sql servers.

postgres is using record-level locking, what does mysql do, is it
locking the whole table ? what are rollbacks? what other advantages are
there in using postgres instead of mysql ? 

i maintain a small hosting server, that runs mysql (beside apache, exim
etc) but as the traffic is getting higher we think about setting up a
dedicated database server. Our customers mainly use mysql, but we
are planing to set up some complex web apps. So what do you propose?
A solution would be to run postgres beside mysql on that server.

and what do you propose for bigger sql apsp with permanent database
usage. php , apache-module (perl or c), cgi ? what experience do you have
with the performance ?

kind regards,
achim hendriks

> If you don't need record-level locking, rollbacks, etc. then I would
> recommend MySQL, simply because it's very fast.
Hmm, if you need fast why use sql server? you could use databases
in files. they're fast, simple etc.
If you need to create apps based on SQL you will need transactions,
and record-level locking 'll make them fast.
And for that you need something advanced like postgresql.
OTOH most simple things assume that you use mysql, so your users would
prefer mysql. most php apps need apache+php3+mysql.

regards, Eyck.

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