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RE: sort of a load balancing question

We do that here. But the difference is it's not totally automated. If the
primary server goes down for whatever reason, our admin's pager will go off,
he lives 6 minutes from the office and 7 minutes from the backup server in
another building. Simply he goes and get's the backup server, restarts it
and at the lilo prompt he types 'clone' and we are back up and running.

Granted this puts us down for about 15 minutes, but it's there!

Scott Thompson
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Internet Brokers Group
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Subject: sort of a load balancing question

	This is not a really load balancing question, but similar sort
	of thing.

	We are an isp here and we would like to set up two webservers
	that are completely tranparent(rsync daily).

	We will only be using one webserver to server all the pages, but
	if it goes down, we would like the second webserver to take over
	without any downtime.

	Is there any programs out there that does this?



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