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Re: what is sufficient free memory?

> 70 processes: 69 sleeping, 1 running, 0 zombie, 0 stopped
> CPU states:  0.1% user,  0.7% system,  0.0% nice, 99.0% idle
> Mem:   63124K av,  61296K used,   1828K free,  36880K shrd,   7712K buff
> Swap: 104380K av,   3128K used, 101252K free                 35860K
> cached
This doesen't look like a problem but like a perfectly healthy server.
No metter how much RAM you put in it there'll always be only about 2 megs
left, because of machine's fs caching, that uses any free ram to hold
pieces of often used files.

> "all-in-one" box running DNS, squid, postfix, apache and radius (I have
> 17 modems on it's cyclades). Any recommendations on the "bare-minimum"
> RAM for this configuration? The suits at our purchasing division are
64Megs if perfectly enough, i know people that used to run such boxes
witch 16Megs of ram.
What you should look at is swap that is used (3 megs? only? and that's a
problem? )

> need to know if I need to "demand" that they "immediately" cough-up the
> 128mb (or more).
now of course you should demand more ram, common, squid is a real memory
hogger, but you can tell it how much ram you want it to use
(things like cache_mem etc),
, apache can eat memory like crazy ( especially
mine, with perl modules compiled in ) 

regards, Eyck

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