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followup: inittab weirdness?


In regards to /etc/inittab being altered to spawn a getty on ttyS3  on
<See earlier posts for more detail>

Tried the egrep -r (through the entire filesystem) and ttyS3  shows up in
/dev/mem, /dev/core, /dev/kmem/, /etc/inittab and in /var/run/stab, some
docs,/usr/include/asm/serial.h and in the logs.

Thanks for the tip, Chet! Much cleaner than "for i in `find /dir`; do ls -l
&&cat $i|grep ttyS0;done"

I am leaning towards it being PCMCIA related as one other person on the
list noted the same thing on a laptop.

Slowly eliminating what it is not, although I prefer those quantum leaps of



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