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RE: Apache vhosts dinamically alias

Hmm...  This might work...  In your virtualhost declaration in httpd.conf
place the Alias definition such as "Alias /stats/

For example:
<VirtualHost www.virtualhosta.com>
ServerAdmin webmaster@virtualhosta.com
DocumentRoot /var/WWW
ServerName www.virtualhosta.com
Alias /stats/ /var/stats/virtualhosta.com

You can place any httpd.conf, srm.conf, access.conf etc. statement inside a
virtualhost declaration.  There might be a faster to go about this, such as
if you had a lot of virtual hosts, but this should work.

Brian Jones
Network Specialist
Northroute Networks Ltd.
(807) 346-4266

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Subject: Apache vhosts dinamically alias
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I have each virtual host under /var/www
I want to enable a virtualhostA.com/stats URL that points to
same for virtualhostB, etc

I've tried

Alias /%1/stats    /var/stasts/%1 with no success

any Ideas?


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