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Re: AMD Duron CPU & Debian

Just as an aside, I will use nothing but SMC EtherPower II 10/100 
NIC's. More expensive than 3Com's, but they run on anything, they are 
faster than hell, and the Linux driver (epic 100) has been around for a 
long time. And, you don't have to worry if 3Com is going to get all 
sticky about releasing enough info to build a good module in the 
future. Far as I know, SMC has always published their spec's, or 
something as I remember using an SMC on an old 486 a few years ago and 
had the module to install it under Slackware. 3Com hacked me off when 
the 905 hit the scenes and no on could write a module for it because 
there was no tech info on it.


> On Mon, Aug 21, 2000 at 05:15:36PM -0600, John Gonzalez/netMDC admin 
> > 
> > What kind of problems have you run into with the Adaptec card? I'm 
> > that card and software RAID, and i've run into hard lock problems. I
> > attributed it to the RAID code, but it could be the card.
> In slink, the installation would hang up after failing to properly
> puzzle out which driver to load into the kernel. The workaround was 
> grab the boot floppy image that was tailored to it.
> In the first frozen potato I was seeing scads of I/O timeouts on
> disk access. Again, though, I haven't tried it since the first frozen
> version. It may be okay now, or okay using the 'idepci' images.
> > As for the NIC's that you talk about, we run 3c905's but i'm not 
sure if
> > they are the C version or not, we havent had any problems with 
them, but
> > we havent been pushing much traffic at all. More info on that as 
> > would be appreciated.
> The latest 3C905's (3C905C-TXM) don't run under the old common Linux
> driver -- but 3Com links to some suitable source code from their site.
> I've had no trouble out of them. I've heard from quite a few folks
> that the 3C905C is unsupported, but in each case have found that they
> were trying to use the common Linux driver, not the one provided by
> 3Com. Whether or not potato's '905 driver is the old one or something
> newer I don't know.
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