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Re: sort of a load balancing question

On Thu, 24 Aug 2000, Shao Zhang wrote:

> 	We are an isp here and we would like to set up two webservers
> 	that are completely tranparent(rsync daily).
> 	We will only be using one webserver to server all the pages, but
> 	if it goes down, we would like the second webserver to take over
> 	without any downtime.

I use a smiliar solution, but the two machines are not completely the
same. We rsync the websites (users and domains) and password files.

We run gated on the web server and on the back up webserver using OSPF
(Open Shortest Path Routing).

When ever the main web server comes up again, it becomes the real server.

FTP is not available on the back up web server.

This isn't the best solution, because CGIs that create files or use data
on the backup server may be different from the real server (because it
doesn't sync the other way).

(We are getting ready to move to using a external RAID box for the
website directories. This may be an additional idea.)

  Jeremy C. Reed
     BSD software, documentation, resources, news...

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