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Re: MySQL vs. Postgres

> Which file based database system is faster than mysql? I tried Berkeley
> db3 (although with transaction code) and it was horrible slow!
old one is fast. hmm i thought the new one was db2, uh, some glitch in my
memory files.
I've seen benchmarks comparing various db-databases (gdbm, ndbm etc)
 and there were some interesting thoughts about them, benchmarks were
pre-new berkeley db. as far as I remeber ndbm provided best speed.
It's widely known fact that new berkeley is slow and overloaded with
features, I think there are some notices in db-based apps documentation
( htdig, i think )
Being realy paranoid about speed you could try cdb thing (constant)
which need to be recreated every time you change anything there.

regards, Eyck

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