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cron perl script won't sendmail

Any ideas why the following won't actually send email when run from cron:


open(SENDMAIL,"|sendmail $recipient");
print SENDMAIL "From: WVFD EMS Dispatch <templin\@urdirect.net>\n";
print SENDMAIL "To: WVFD EMT <$recipient>\n";
print SENDMAIL "Subject: Possible EMS call\n";
print SENDMAIL "\n";
print SENDMAIL "SAEMS case $case at $address for $desc.\n";
print SENDMAIL "SAEMS is sending $units units\n";

I'm trying to tie pager notification to a website, and it runs fine on the
command line, but not from cron.  Assume that all variables are properly



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VP Networking

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San Antonio, TX 78233		(210)692-9911

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