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Re: Another question

Check the Readme's with the Kernel source - there is actualy a device you
have to mount in your fstab file (you know, for bootup;) that enables
shared memory.  It uses a "imaginary" mount point like /proc does.

However, as far as I know, "free" and friends don't show the shared memory
in use correctly (though df showes the mount point...)

Sorry I can't remember the exact command, if you can't find it - please
let me know and I will dig it up from a server I have it setup on.


> Maybe I missed it, but what's the deal with the new kernels (2.4.0xxx)
> and shared memory? From top:
> CPU states:   5.2% user,   1.8% system,   0.0% nice,  93.0% idle
> Mem:   78592K av,  75848K used,   2744K free,      0K shrd,   1932K buff
> Swap: 185464K av,  11520K used, 173944K free                 40308K cached
> Shared mem is always 0 ?
> Tim

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