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Re: Redirection of HTTP request

> Your domain 'domain.com' has some dns-entry pointing to your http-server (possibly
> apache). The A-record for www.domain.com should refer to the same IP as domain.com.
> The rest is the configuration of your webserver, where you possibly have to specify
> www.domain.com as an alias for domain.com.

> > We are a small local ISP with a mixture of Linux servers and an NT server. Most
> > of our client web pages are currently hosted on the NT box. All of our email is
> > hosted by our main Linux box. How should an HTTP request to site labeled
> > domain.com be properly redirected to www.domain.com.

The NT-based DNS A-record for host 'www' under 'domain.com' points to an IP address
allocated to IIS on the Windows NT machine. The DNS A-record for 'domain.com' points
to the IP address allocated to our email server. These are two separate machines.
Nearly ALL web sites are hosted on NT. ALL email is processed by our main Linux box.
As a side note, I was assigned the sysadmin role after the fact.

domain.com A   --> mail server IP
domain.com NS  --> dns1.primedomain.com
domain.com SOA --> dns1.primedomain.com, admin.primedomain.com
www        A   --> NT server IP

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