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Re: Inherited ISP host configuration nightmare

Craig Sanders wrote:

> On Fri, Aug 18, 2000 at 01:07:52PM -0600, Kevin Blackham wrote:
> > From what I understand here, you need a simple webserver on the Linux
> > mail server (domain.com) that will redirect clients to www.domain.com,
> > at least until you can get the customer base reconfigured.
> he's probably better off using squid on the linux box as an http
> accelerator. ...
> ...
> it's probably a lot simpler to just use a port redirector, to redirect
> all connections to port 80 on the linux box to port 80 on the NT server.
> ...
> it would be much better to leave things exactly as they are for now
> and configure a new linux server to do everything that the NT box is
> currently doing....then, when it is working, cut over to the linux box.
> ...

Thanks for all the suggestions. A refresh on the current SNAFU is that all
virtual domains are hosted on NT (probably half using Microswipe Front Cage)
on an IP-per-domain basis. Because of email usage, all "vdomain.com" DNS
requests are directed to the one Linux server IP address. The Linux box
would have to properly redirect each "http://vdomain.com"; request on port 80
of the Linux system to the appropriate IP address on the NT box or to
ICQ #58278887

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