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Re: sort of a load balancing question

You could put a linux router infront of them with an ethernet
connection to each server and then another out to your main router.
Make a bash script to check that the primary is up, if its not have it
change the route to go out the other interface, which would be the

Kevin - cog@iwz.com

-- Original message --

> Hi,
>         This is not a really load balancing question, but similar sort
>         of thing.

>         We are an isp here and we would like to set up two webservers
>         that are completely tranparent(rsync daily).

>         We will only be using one webserver to server all the pages, but
>         if it goes down, we would like the second webserver to take over
>         without any downtime.

>         Is there any programs out there that does this?

>         Thanks.

> Shao.

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