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Re: ip addresses

On Mon, 07 Aug 2000, Jamie Bumsted wrote:
>Hi all!
>Just wondering what most people do for customer IP addresses.  I am new to
>the ISP business and the system that I have taken over assigns routable ip's
>to customers via DHCP.  I was just wondering if anyone used private IP's and
>applied NAT to their customers or if that can even be done.

Sure, NAT is easy to apply to customers.  But it is a lower quality of
service (they can't run servers, and custom programs may not work through
NAT).  If they have an implied contract which involves real IP addresses then
applying NAT to them would be a breach of contract.

I have worked for ISPs that offer various types of service, some of which had
NAT.  At one ISP they paid more because it was part of a service to protect
users from accessing pr0n sites.  ;)

How do you apply IPs via DHCP anyway?

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