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Re: named error

I'm a bit lost.

U have a domain xy.com which is configured on named or u r just trying to configure subdomains without add any 'zone' reference about the main domain in named.conf?

i dont know how could bind actue if detect a

zone 'lala.xy.com'
and a
zone 'xy.com'

at the same named.conf file.
Anyway u could use a only one 'zone' pointing to a xy.com dile
which contain

ip1.subdomain           IN      A
etc etc


At 14:33 02/08/00 +0200, Aubert Gabor wrote:
Hi there!

I got an interesting error, while configuring named. There is a domain,
like xy.com, and i tried to create dardai.xy.com
I restarted named (and increased the serial number of course), but after
the restart the new subdomain did not work. nslookup dardai.xy.com gave an
error (not found)
I tried darday.xy.com, and it worked excellent. dardai did not.
There were an other subdomain, that gave the same error: theunion.xy.com
the-union.xy.com were correct.
Have you ever faced this problem?

Aubert Gabor

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