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Re: very long passwd

> The file /etc/passwd es very, very long... but es necessary for IMAP server
> to check the home directory for every user.
> nss_mysql is the only solution?

> Now, I have mysql to auth users for proftpd & apache via PAM (pam_mysql)
there is also ldap, pg_sql and, probably what you want - dbpam, which
keeps copy of passwd and shadow in db-files which are very fast to search.
i've seen this solution first in freeBSD, and it's default solution there
now, methinks.
it's simple, fast, and doesen't rely on unreliable programs like mysql.

> Sendmail can't delivery emails to not existents users (it check /etc/passwd).
you can use nsswitch to handle this. 
hmm, besides, i don't think sendmail is such bad and useless piece of
software, I don't like it, but i am sure it can deliver emails to
non-existent users. common' it's childish with exim.

> IMAP server need /etc/passwd for check user & home dir. With pam_mysql check the
> user but not the home dir.
I don't think so, although I recently disabled imap and stayed with pop, I 
had no problem with imapserver.

> Any solution for only-email users without /etc/passwd file???
yes, hell lot of solutions exist. you just need to choose one that fits

> How can to have many users easy?
I fell in love with ldap, it's easy to set-up, easy to administer,
easy to programm, and quite easy to write web-based admin tools which are

regards, Eyck

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